0.0.34 2015-05-14

Code cleanup.

0.0.33 2015-05-02

Update .gitignore.

0.0.32 2015-05-02

Correct usage files.

0.0.31 2015-05-02

Correct git dist.

0.0.30 2015-05-02

Update build system.
Increase Py3 compatibility.

0.0.29 2015-04-01

    Moved *.rst from daysgrounded\daysgrounded to daysgrounded.
    Updated doc\ and doc\*.rst to reflect the move.
    Updated to reflect the move.
Updated to reflect the move.
    Updated build.cmd to upload docs to PyPI.

0.0.28 2015-03-28

Reorganized build.cmd.
Simplified py_ver() in

0.0.27 2015-03-28

    Changed licensing inside docstrings to comments.
Updated update_copyright() in to only update
files that are not on use, when it's called.
update_copyright() now also checks the license file.
Created a new function called check_copyright() in to check
the copyright of files in use and warn if they have to be updated.
Changed COPYING.rst to be compatible with update_copyright() function.
Added the above check_copyright and other checks to build.cmd.

0.0.26 2015-03-24

Changed to update copyright in doc/

0.0.25 2015-03-24

Added new function to to create
Changed build.cmd to use it and remember the user to upload it to PyPI.
Added twine to build.cmd.
Added some comments with requirements for build.cmd.
build.cmd internal reorganization.

0.0.23 2015-03-24

    Reverted the Sphinx theme to 'classic' because otherwise it does not build
the html documentation.
    Opened issue in RTD for them to update their system for the new name
('classic') of the old 'default' theme.

0.0.22 2015-03-24

    Reverted the Sphinx theme to the old 'default' because ReadTheDocs isn't
compatible yet.

0.0.21 2015-03-24

Updated doc/*.rst and daysgrounded/ to solve Sphinx problem.

0.0.20 2015-03-24

    General code cleanup.
    Create with basic application information to be used by the
application, and
    Compatibility testing with Py3 and necessary changes. All good now.
    Renamed build.bat to build.cmd.
    Improved build.cmd.
    Improved to be universal.
    Created to aid build.cmd.
    Added copyright to all source code.
    and many more.
    BUG: Sphinx docs stopped working.

0.0.19 2014-06-02

Added end user documentation to .gitignore.
Added option PROJ_TYPE to build.bat to distinguish between modules and
Added files to
Changed to use glob to select data files.
Changed to use .decode('cp1252') when reading text files.
Added options to py2exe config in

0.0.18 2014-05-31

Cleanup several files.
Fill some Docstrings.
Translation to English.

0.0.17 2014-05-31

Added zip_safe to
Added PyPI documentation in dir (redirects to
Changed doc\index.rst to include README.rst.
Updated build.bat.
Corrected classifiers in Added ReadTheDocs doc.
Added and to help build.bat.
Changed build.bat.
Made changes recommended by Pylint.
Changed packaging. Removed

0.0.16 2014-05-24

Added sphinx and ReadTheDocs documentation.

0.0.15 2014-05-07

Forgot to update :)

0.0.14 2014-05-07

build.bat - added cxf and py2exe options. - corrected function error.
created - corrected data_path for frozen dists.

0.0.13 2014-04-27

Changed __main__ to call cli or gui modules.
Created open_create_datafile, auto_upd_datafile and version in shared
Corrected usage.txt and usage_en.txt.


Forgot to update CHANGES.txt. :)

0.0.11 2014-04-21

Corrected, excluded venv from git.
Started cfg of cx_freeze in but it isn't working yet.

0.0.10 2014-04-19

Finalize py2exe cfg, create


Correct path used for datafiles and path for modules.


Prepare for py2exe, changes to run in both Py2 and Py3.


Add README.rst.


Some cleanup.


Updated README.txt.


Updated README.txt, CHANGES.txt, Trove classifiers, created


Packaging metadata files, fake rst files, start Py3 compat, separate code
into sep files.
Added more packaging and build/pub files to ease PyPI integration, added
some fake rst.
Created a build.bat to automate process, moved some banner and usage to
text files.
Separate code into 3+1 files, changed code to start testing Py3


Changed file struc to match PyPI packaging.

0.0.1 2014-04-18

Basic func, CLI and GUI (Tkinter).